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Important Marketing Aspects You Should Know

Digital marketing is a multifaceted marketing strategy aimed to identify, reach out to, and build relationships with audiences or customers online, across a broad range of channels. It encompasses a variety of strategies, methods, and tools for communicating with potential customers on digital platforms.

At its core, digital marketing involves the use of the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote brands, products and services. This can be done through various methods such as search engine optimization (SEO), search marketing (SEM) / pay-per-click advertising (PPC), paid social media marketing (static or video), organic social media management, other content marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and more.

At Arbor Growth we work on the cutting edge of digital marketing technology to provide our clients with the most robust capabilities and to help their brand thrive online.

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First, you should have a clear understanding of your business goals. Is it growth at all costs? Growth of top-line revenue? Growth of daily active users? Is it responsible and steady growth while maintaining margin?

A clear understanding of your business goals and your prioritization of those goals is key to understanding what your marketing objectives will be.

A sample of marketing objectives could include:

  • Generating more leads
  • Generating more qualified leads
  • eCommerce top-line growth
  • eCommerce profitability
  • Brand awareness
  • and more…

Once you have clarified your marketing objectives (and prioritized them) then you can develop a holistic marketing strategy. This strategy will balance upper-funnel and lower-funnel initiatives and help you allocate investment appropriately.

If return on your marketing and advertising investment is a concern you should ensure that you have experts on staff to manage your investment across each marketing channel.

Arbor Growth supplements or substitutes in-house marketing and ad-buying teams due to our deep expertise across multiple platforms.

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With the advent of “generative AI”, a whole new wave of innovation is sweeping the industry. The major digital marketing platforms are integrating this technology natively into their platforms. There are additionally an abundance of 3rd party endeavors that are bent on revolutionizing the industry.

Arbor Growth is monitoring the roll-out of new generative AI technologies and selectively curating our toolkit as we apply them to our clients’ advertising and marketing endeavors.

The online privacy revolution is also changing the way that the advertising industry does business. Apple’s efforts to protect user privacy means that advertisers must be much more mindful of how they are targeting users and how they are measuring marketing success.

Arbor Growth works with their clients to create a bespoke model to measure success and know if our marketing strategy is on its way to achieving our clients’ business goals.

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Artificial Intelligence, under the moniker “machine learning”, has been rapidly de-skilling marketers for the better part of a decade – requiring practitioners to “level up” or become obsolete.

The Arbor Growth team worked for years at Google with marketers and agencies that were at the top of the game for a decade, only to watch their skills become obsolete with the release of automation innovations.

Bidding, basic copywriting, basic ad creative, ad placement, A/B ad testing, and iteration are all elements that became to a greater or lesser degree automated. Algorithms allowed campaign optimization by having these elements iterate and work in concert to maximize campaign effectiveness.

The new skills required were a deep understanding of how to work with algorithms and how to ensure that backend development was feeding the right data into clients’ systems. Arbor Growth has mastered these skills and is building the toolkit for the next generation of AI-powered marketing.

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